Fading Suns Games

The main mailing list for all things Fading Suns related.

Fading Suns Wordsmiths

This mailing list is for authors writing about HDI's "Fading Suns" universe. Here, they can share stories and advice, and discuss the Fading Suns Short Story Contest and related stuff.

Fading Suns Mush

To discuss ideas, themes and plots surrounding the Fading Suns Mush. If you are interested in joining the Mush, come to fadingsuns.mudgate.com 5150

Passion Play.

A listserve dedicated to the Fading Suns LARP Passion Play.

Fading Suns LARP

A discussion group for the live-action role-playing campaign, "The Stars Like Grains of Sand," which is sadly now defunct. The list still exists at this time, but more as a general discussion list for Fading Suns gamers in the area than anything else. The campaign was set in the "Fading Suns" universe, published by Holistic Design, Inc. and used the "Passion Play" rules, also by HDI. The setting was the planet Grail.

Yahoo! Groups

A list of all Fading Suns Mailing Lists on the Yahoo! Groups site