By Lionel Rudling

An alternative to the shield system

The current shield maximum rating is added to 15. A weapon's max damage rating (x2 for energy weapons, x1.5 for projectiles) is subtracted from the new shield rating, and this becomes a target number to roll above for the attacker. If the attacker fails, the shield activates and only excess damage goes through. If he succeeds, the shield is by-passed, and leaks the damage. For every hit againest a shield, its rating decreases by one (to simulate the fusion cell being used up). Small shields thus maintain their original function: a chance at protection from an unexpected hit (Remember, shields were used in sports and construction as a saftey a hard hat or football helmet). Assault shield become effective protection against anything except high energy and fusion weapons, following the historic example of a knight's armour and crossbow bolts and black powder.