By Tom Rybak

A new martial art school to go alongside Mantok, Jox Kai Von (boo! hiss!), Shaidan, Koto, and Graa.

I've been reading up on the Obun lately and decided to put my scholastic endeavors to work and present something that hasn't been done before. A new martial art school to go alongside Mantok, Jox Kai Von (boo! hiss!), Shaidan, Koto, and Graa.

The martial art of Vhem has a very ancient history extending back to the time of the lightbearers. It has changed and adapted over the millenia especially with the advent of Binataru and the establishment of the Zhri'alloi. At this point, the form began to concentrate on defense. Blocks became a speciatly.

Grapples and holds were taught less and the head-butt was unknown (the head was viewed as a psionic weapon rather than a physical one). It is common for Obun to know something of Vhemtaar'ullan especially in its relation to saatari. The attacking actions are more commonly learned by Vhem-saahen. As such many Obun know blocking maneuvers but only a few (Vhem-saahen in particular) would be found using grapples.

Obun (and others who learn from an Obun) who learn the Vhemtaar'ullan may learn blocks (Block, Block & Strike, and Blocking Throw) at one level lower than the required level. Grapples (Martial Hold, Choke Hold, and Bear Hug) are rarely taught and because of difficulty in finding a teacher cost 2 points extra to learn. Head Butt cost 4 extra points due to its nature being contrary to the philosophy behind Vhemtaar'ullan.

BLOCKING THROW (Level 7, level 6 for Vhemtaar'ullan)
This maneuver combines a block and throw. Roll as a block (Dx + Fight) and adds 3 successes to resist attacks if successful. If the attack is completely blocked the target is thrown 1 meter per every 2 successes (round up) it exceeds the attack. Damage is 1d+1d for every 3 meters thrown. If the target was charging, the distance thrown is 1 meter per every success it exceeds the target's roll and base damage goes to 2d+1d for every 3 meters thrown.