By David Hollingworth

Another two part attack, like parry and riposte.

Another two part attack, like 'parry and riposte', wherein the first roll (Dex + Fight, no modifiers) sets up the point of the weapon inside the shield (the slow blade), and the second part is the full thrust into the target (Dex + Fight, no modifiers). A maneuver like this should be difficult to pull of, taking as it does two actions to perform, and the fencer must decide whether to hold his point steady for that thrust, or dodge to avoid an incoming blow. You can even impose a Perc + Obs on the defender to see if he notices that he is being set up, with the victory points from the attacker's Slow Blade maneuver as a negative modifier. I thnk the whole maneuver should have -2 Init modifier.

I think this skill should be a level seven maneuver; it takes time and patience (and some backbone) to learn this deadly attack.

I know this mechanic may seem unwieldy, with up to three die rolls before we even get to damage rolls, but it does present some interesting tactical possibilities to the fencer.