By Lee Watts

Known to the Phavian Institute as Meme Grafting.

Level 7 Psyche, Extrovert or Passion + Oratory, sight, permanent, 1W

Known to the Phavian Institute as Meme Grafting, this technique is only possessed by those psychics who have studied psycho-social science (often in a coven) or are driven by some powerful idea.

By talking to the target(s) for at least a minute about a particular idea (the Knight is a traitor, the beauty of the Sathra Effect, purple suits them) the psychic can convince them of it's truth. The targets only get resistence rolls if the idea goes against what they believe to be true or are already suspicious of the psychic. The more VPs psychic scores the more fervently the victim believes him, with more VPs than twice the targets Ego or Faith (through sustained rolls) the target is obsessed by the idea and will try everything possible to act on it and convert others to his point of view unless restrained by force.