By Stuart Ellis

Every point put into cybernetics gives 2 to spend.

Every point put into cybernetics gives 2 to spend (as per the orginal rules). Limbs start with the character's Strength and Dex for no cost. For every implant that alters a character's nervous system or senses e.g. replacement limbs (which connect with nerves and have somekind of simulated touch sense), Engineer's Eye, Lithe Wire, the character must develop 1 point of Alien. Implants that affect thought processes like Internal Think Machines are worth 2 points. Organs and compartments require no Alien. Keep a running total of the Alien points due to cybernetics (list it as Machine or somesuch).

Machine could be used in rolls but is mostly a way of measuring the alteration of the character's 'soul', which may be detected by Psi or Theurgy. If Machine becomes higher than the character's Human or 'natural' Alien (whichever is primary) then the character has become very detached from his own kind - he isn't necessarily mad or unemotional but finds it hard to empathise. This can be picked up by Empathy as well as occult abilities and most Churchmen will take action.

Until the points are gained the character has not yet adjusted to the implant and will have to make rolls to do even simple things with it. Cyber-therapy straight after the operation will allow the character to learn to use the implant without becoming more Alien and costs 4 Benefice points per implant. It is available from a few Guildsmen, and the Amaltheans have their own version. Later therapy is twice as hard and unless the cybernetics are removed success is not guarenteed.