By Joseph Wakeling

The character has some latent psychic talent which may awaken at some later date.

Latent Psychic Path (2 pts)

The character has some latent psychic talent which may awaken at some later date. Note that the character does not know he has this power, though the GM might give "hints" in the form of weird things happening around him. The character will have to meet someone who can recognise the latent talent and teach him to awaken it, though under certain circumstances it might awake naturally.

Awakening Latent Psychic Paths -- the player spends 3 experience points to "awaken" the psychic path, plus the points required to learn the particular abilities he desires (he *must* learn at least one power from the path in the process of awakening it). Under exceptional circumstances the GM might allow the path to "naturally" awaken without cost of experience, but the player doesn't get to choose the powers that the character gets Note that if the player doesn't already have an Occultist stigma, he will develop one at this point.

If the player roleplayed his way into the "awakening" situation well, taking care to only go by what his character knows, then you should be "mild" in your treatment of him - the stigma he develops might be disguisable; provided he doesn't go using his powers in an "obvious" way in a public place, his newly-developed talent may remain a secret (for now). On the other hand, if the player abused his knowledge of the character's latent power to take the first opportunity to awaken it (e.g. saying to an NPC psychic, "I've always daydreamed about having psychic powers. Is there any way you can, you know, find out if someone's got the gift?") then you might hit him with any or all of a nasty stigma or some levels of Urge (the power was awakened unnaturally, too soon!), or was that just an Avestite I saw ducking out of sight?