By Matt Seaborn

The official rules for accenting up do nothing but drop the chances of success, this is a new rule for accenting up.

The rules for accenting down work well, they increase the chance of success but decrease the potential extent of the success. The official rules for accenting up do nothing but drop the chances of success. Below is a new rule for accenting up.

The new method of accenting up consists of two steps, determining whether or not the roll was successful, then how successful.

To determine whether or not the action was successful while accenting up is the same as in the original method. You add the accent, which must be equal to or less than the skill used in determing the Goal, to the die roll and if the sum is less than or equal to the Goal then the action was a success. Moreover, if the sum equaled the Goal then it is a Critical success.

The actual number of successes equals the modified roll added to the accent, or the unmodified roll added to two times the accent. If the roll was a critical success then the amount of total successes is doubled, as normal.

As an example, Sir Harakal Hazat is hunting and has spotted a deer. He has a Dexterity of 7 and a Shoot of 6, giving him a Goal of 13. He spends 3 rounds aiming and gets +3 to hit, so his goal is now 16. He want's to kill the deer cleanly in one shot as if he just injures it the deer will panic and try to run and the meat will become tough and stringy. So he decides to accent up by 4, which is allowable as it is less than his Shoot skill of 6. So now if he rolls 12 or less he will hit, otherwise the sum of the roll and the accent will exceed the Goal of 16 and he will miss. He rolls a 10, the roll plus the accent is 10 + 4 = 14 which is less than the Goal of 16, so he hits. The number of successes is natural roll + accent + accent = 10 + 4 + 4 = 18, he has 18 successes, or 5 Victory Points. If he had rolled a 12, the sum would have equalled the Goal and would have been a critical success, giving (12 + 4 + 4)*2 = 40 successes, or 13 Victory Points.