By Matt Seaborn

The Night Stalkers are a group of unfortunates taken from the streets for the purposes of transforming them into obedient killers buy Antinomian cults.


The Night Stalkers are a group of unfortunates taken from the streets for the purposes of transforming them into obedient killers buy Antinomian cults. The originally were tramps, homeless, drunks and criminals, those who would not be missed my anyone. Kidnapped, their animalistic tendencies are enhanced significantly through he use of drugs, deprivation, antinomy and other brainwashing techniques transformed into vicious hunters.

Taking advantage of their animal like tendencies to enhance their hunting ability the need for human blood and flesh is burnted on their mind, creating an addiction that they will do anything to quench. Given this they must be deployed carefully, they will pursue their assigned prey in preference to others but if the prey eludes them and hunger becomes to strong they will feast on anyone. Their attitude towards their masters is that of fear, love and respect and as such will almost never attack them.

Their appearanaces are all very similar. They wear black leather tight bodysuits, (providing 4D of armour). They mostly have shaven heads although some sport short mohicans and even more complex hairstyles although almost without exception the hair is kept short. They all personalised angular tattoos on their faces and hear, put their soon after kidnapping to identify them, these symbols are Antinomian in origin. Many of them also file their teeth to points to enable easier ripping of flesh. The only weapons they are allowed are razor sharp knives, the blades of which are straight and are clearly meant for slashing. The hilts contain a small dispenser which keeps the blade wet with whatever liquid is in the vial placed inside it. Although conventional poisons are occasionally used more common are strong anticoagulant enzymes which prevent to clotting of blood, this both allows them to drink easier and ensures the kill. Until bandaged properly (requiring a passed Remedy or Physick roll at + 4) wounds will bleed profusely, for each wound inflicted each round the individual must make a Tough (-6) Endurance + Vigour roll or loose 1 Vitality. It takes a good hour for the anticoagulent to be flushed out of the system.

Their hunting style is quite feline and sadistic in nature, they enjoy stalking and playing with their prey if the hunger isn't upon them. They are capable of solitary hunting but they are most often deployed in packs, depending on the number and power of their prey.

Relevant Traits

Characteristics: Dexterity, Endurance, Perception, Extrovert, Passion
Natural Skills: Dodge, Fight, Melee, Observe, Sneak, Vigor
Learned Skills: Empathy, Tracking
Blessings/Curses: Persistent, Keen Ears, Keen Eyes, Unnerving, Combat Lust, Scary
Benefices/Afflicions: Addiction

Typical Traits

Body: Strength 5, Dexterity 6, Endurance 6
Mind: Wits 3, Perception 6, Tech 3
Spirit: Extrovert 5, Introvert 1, Passion 5, Calm 2, Faith 1, Ego 4, Human 3, Alien 3
Natural Skills: Charm 2, Dodge 6, Fight 5, Impress 3, Melee 6, Observe 5, Shoot 3, Sneak 6, Vigor 6
Learned Skills: Empathy 4, Tracking 6
Blessings: Persistent (2 pts), Keen Ears (2 pts), Keen Eyes (2 pts)
Curses: Unnerving (2 pts), Combat Lust (2 pts), Scary (2 pts)
Afflictions:Addiction (human flesh) (4 pts)
Wyrd: 0
Equipment: None
Weapons: Knife with poison dispenser (usually anticoagulent)
Firearms Actions: None
Martial Arts: None
Fencing: Slash
Armour: Leather (2 + 2D)
Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0/0