By Matthew Prendergast

Here are some new Church orders based in part on RW orders, very loosely, except the Knights of St Paulus.

Here are some new Church orders based in part on RW orders, very loosely, except the Knights of St Paulus.

The four new orders are as follows;
1) The Knights of St Paulus the Traveller or The Skywalker Knights
2) The Knights of St Hispaniola or The Hispanic Knights
3) The Sacred Order of the Guardian Knights of the Hospital or The Knights Hospitaller
4) The Loyal Company of the Sacred Word of the Blessed Prophet Zebulon or the Sacristans

1) The Skywalker Knights are dedicated to exploring the jumproads and bringing light to the dark. They take their common name from their motto, We Walk The Stars. Interestingly enough, they also act as a from of internal police, covertly investigating claims of corruption against the Church.

2) The Hispanic Knights are primarily recruited from Hazat worlds, are their stated objective is to convert the Hirans to the Universal Church. To that end they have conquered areas upon Hira and are converting natives by the sword where neccessary. They are beginning to worry the Hazat, as they seem to be carving out their own state, possibly with the intent of turning Hira into their De Moley.

3) The Hospitallers were created to protect the hospitals of the Church, but they have moved beyond that role, and act to crush or absorb heresies throughout the KW. They are highly suspicious of Brother Battle, and watch them closely. Hospitallers often work hand in hand with the Avestites and the Inquisition.

4) The Sacristans are agressive missionaries, theologians, and advocates. Their missionary activities take them into Vuldrok and Kurgan territory, as well as within the KW as they attempt to bring heretical believers back into the fold. Their theological duties ties them closely to the College of Ethicals, and the Orthodox power structure. Their advocacy takes place whenever the Church is involved in inter-factional court disputes, i.e. with the Nobility, League, or Empire.

As some will know, the Hispanic Knights are based on the Teutonic Knights, The Hospitallers in part upon the RW Hospitallers, and the Sacristans upon the Jesuits.

"Exitus Acta Probat"