By Colin Chapman

This small, secretive guild specialises in theft.

This small, secretive guild specialises in theft. It operates legally and openly on Leagueheim, and has small, discreet branches on most planets with a sizeable urban population.

Purloiners practise sanctioned theft, and are often hired by nobles to 'retrieve' items and artefacts from the individuals and institutions that currently own the item, including rivals. Needless say, these institutions and individuals sometimes hire the very same Purloiner to steal the item back.

In addition, the Purloiners act as trouble-shooters for security systems and set-ups, and are often hired to test such defences by attempting to break into, or out off, the secure area. Such exercises are usually conducted with the security systems operating at full efficiency, and without the knowledge of any guards involved, in order to keep the situation as realistic as possible. However, these operations carry a potentially high risk of injury or death for the Purloiner involved, so their fees are justifiably high. In cases where they are hired to steal a valuable object, they often charge an additional fee equal to 10% of the item's value.

Purloiners caught while stealing under employ can prosecuted, but seldom are, although they must pay for any damages they caused during the attempt. Likewise, they will not wilfully reveal the identity of their employer, although certain parties have been known to extract the desired information by other means. However, these parties have often found that a number of their most valuable possessions inexplicably disappear following such events.

Members of this guild make it a point to avoid inflicting serious injury or death while on a job, as it not only creates a bad press, but is also much more liable to be prosecuted. In fact, they conduct themselves with a cool, professional air, and look down upon those who use excessive violence as 'unsophisticated thugs'.

Individual Purloiners are recruited from the underworld of many cities, and transported back to the guild's Leagueheim headquarters where they are given superior training and equipment. A few nobles have even become well-respected members of the guild, enforcing the romantic image of the suave cat burglar that many Purloiners aspire to.

While the Purloiners represent the most adept thieves in the Known Worlds, they vigorously oppose the 'non-sanctioned' forms of filching practised by their non-guild cousins. Such is their desire to maintain their respectable semi-legal status, that they also serve as advisors for those planning measures to prevent theft. The old adage of: 'Set a thief to catch a thief' is extremely appropriate as the Purloiners are intimately familiar with the skills, techniques and thought processes of their non-legitimate cousins. Security measures set up and tested under the supervision of a Purloiner are said to be the best there are.

Nearly every noble house and guild keeps a wary eye on the Purloiners, as all these concerns have employed the Purloiners against each other at some point. Even the various Church sects that make subtle condemnations of the Purloiners, have used their services on more than a few occasions.

Despite this general wariness of a guild of professional thieves, the Purloiners have strong ties with the Scravers, some professional ties with the Muster most notably the sentries and perform a great deal of work for the Reeves.

Suggested Traits

Characteristics: Dexterity, Wits, Perception, Calm
Natural Skills: Observe, Shoot, Sneak, Vigor
Learned Skills: Acrobatics, Lockpicking, Search, Sleight of Hand, Streetwise
Blessings/Curses: Alert (2 pts: +2 Perception while trying to remain undetected)/ Secretive (+2 pts: -2 Extrovert around strangers)
Benefices: Riches, Passage Contract (4 pts), Commission, Stunner (4 pts), Grappler (3 pts), Thieves' Keys (1 pt), Scrambler Pad (3 pts), Low-Light Goggles (2 pts), Mag Boots and Pads (1 pt), Rope, Grappling Hook.
Certain wealthier and higher-ranking members invest in Chameleon Suits (7 pts) or Blur Suits (8 pts), and Synthsilk Armor (7 pts).