By Colin Chapman

Formed just prior to the Emperor Wars, the Sons of Asaph have acquired a fearsome reputation as the guards of high-ranking Inquisitors, protecting their charges from those who seek revenge or to escape punishment.

Be Pure!
Be Vigilant!
- Torquemada in Nemesis the Warlock

Formed just prior to the Emperor Wars, the Sons of Asaph have acquired a fearsome reputation as the guards of high-ranking Inquisitors, protecting their charges from those who seek revenge or to escape punishment.

Severe and fanatical, they serve to heighten an Inquisitor's already intimidating presence.


With the spread of Symbiot corruption during the Symbiot Wars, the Inquisitors of Temple Avesti were sorely pressed. Fear inspired violence and riots, neighbour turning on neighbour at any hint of 'irregularity'. The Inquisitors strove to burn out any cancer of corruption but often found themselves facing angry, terrified mobs they were ill equipped to deal with.

Asaph, a proficient and experienced Inquisitor, saw the need for a well-trained and dedicated Inquisitorial bodyguard, and began to seek candidates for the position. He visited those areas decimated during the conflict with the Symbiots, preaching sermons of fiery revenge that struck a chord with those that had suffered at the hands of their 'diabolical' enemies.

While it was mainly commoners who flocked to his banner, more than a handful of mercenaries and nobles came to his side, having seen loved ones or colleagues slaughtered by an enemy that seemed proof enough of the 'dark between the stars'.

Asaph oversaw the creation of a harsh training regime headed by those few nobles who had enlisted. Harsh taskmasters, they reasoned that only adversity would forge the prospective bodyguards into a keen weapon of the Pancreator, and the result was a regimen that only the most driven could suffer through.

They were granted full Church Charter in 4954, just before the Emperor Wars, and proved effective at suppressing sectarian schisms during the new conflict.

Asaph became a minor saint of the Avestite sect upon his death, a mere two years after the creation of the order.


Commoners form the bulk of the Sons of Asaph, although the order does not discriminate on the basis of class. All that is required to enter the sect is an unswerving dedication to the Avestite vision of the Pancreator, a thirst for justice, and an indomitable will. Those individuals who do not meet these strict requirements seldom make it through the training or the intense scrutiny of the Inquisitorial tutors.

The Sons of Asaph are expected to embrace discomfort, sleeping on hard wooden cots, wearing scrupulum and taking penance for any unreflective thought or deed. They shave their heads and study the Pyric Creed, abandoning their previous wealth and status.

Surprisingly, while roundly feared, the Sons of Asaph can be truly just, and adhere tenaciously to the Hierarchy of Virtue and Vice as set forth in the Redemption Protocols (see Priests of the Celestial Sun pg. 88). Faith, Piety, Devotion, Justice, Protection, Loyalty, Compassion, Wisdom, Discipline, and Humility are the cornerstones of their code, but it should be noted that mercy is not a virtue they subscribe to. Evil must be extinguished, and they believe it is ultimately compassionate to relieve sinners of their earthly temptations… permanently.

While cloistered at the Cathedra Avesti they wear the simple brown tunics of the Avestite order, along with red cassocks, but they are better known for their official garb. The Sons wear thick scarlet leather armour made from the boiled skins of specially raised scarlet whipwinders, studded with small iron rings cast in the shape of the Avestite symbol. The leather is cured with flame-retardan oils, and they wear voluminous black cowled robes and cloaks that conceal their features. All carry a broadsword, flamegun, and a copy of the Pyric Creed, worn at their side in a pouch, and attached to their belt with a sturdy chain.

Suggested Traits

Characteristics: Endurance, Perception, Faith
Natural Skills: Impress, Melee, Observe, Shoot, Vigor
Learned Skills: Search, Stoic Mind
Blessings/Curses: Dedicated (2 pts: +2 Passion when following their cause)/ Righteous (+2 pts: -2 Calm when judgement questioned)
Benefices: Church Charter (3 pts, see Players Companion pg. 43), flame-retardant studded-leather armour, broadsword, flamegun (7 pts)

Famous Sons of Asaph


Shoju Li Halan found the Pancreator early, much to his parent's delight, and he would spend hours studying the Omega Gospels. However, as time passed it became obvious something was very wrong. He took every sermon to heart, viewing the Known Worlds through a twisted lens that saw corruption everywhere, the plots of foul demons and antinomists behind every glance and whisper. Even his fellow Li Halan began to shun him; no doubt they were in league with demons as well!

When the young adolescent Shoju killed a young peasant girl by slowly torturing her in grisly fashion, even his family could not protect him from prosecution. Fortunately for Shoju, his judge was a fanatical Avestite priest, and the glib-tongued Shoju was able to convince the Avestite as to the 'holy necessity' of his actions. Suitably impressed with Shoju's fervour and religious zeal, the Avestite took Shoju to Pyre, where the young boy duly entered the Sons of Asaph.

Now fully trained, Shoju serves as the bodyguard for the very Avestite who had been his judge.