By Matt Seaborn

A collection of martial arts menauvers

Breakfall1/3Dx + Fight-
Disarm5Dx + Fight-2-13
Kippup5Dx + Fight---
Palm Shove7Dx + Fight---
Athletic Strike8Dx + Fight-3-2-
Block & Control8Dx + Fight-+2/0-
Hold Group9Dx + Fight-1-3
Combo5Dx + Fight-1-1-
Redirect Power10Dx + Fight--3-


By Joni Virolainen.

Reduces thrown damage by 1 dice/victory point. At first level you still end up knocked down, but at 3rd level you are able to get up in the same round.

Palm Shove

By Psychedelic Goblin.

The stylist strikes his opponent with a deceptively soft but firm palm strike, sending the target staggering backwards. If the stylist hits, he makes a contested Dexterity + Fight roll (adding his victory points from the strike roll) vs. the target's Strength (or Dexterity) + Vigor. Each success the stylist is left with sends the opponent staggering backwards, uncontrollably for 1 meter.

Athletic Strike

By Psychedelic Goblin.

The martial artist - in true chop-socky style - can somersault over obstacles, leap from balconies, etc., and still strike his opponent in the same action! He suffers no multiple action penalties for doing so. However, this feat plus the strike must be the only action performed in the turn. Gamemaster discretion.

Block & Control

By Matt Seaborn.

If successful may immediately follow with a throw or hold of any type with no multiple actions penalty. This move may only be used if an opponent attacks

Hold Group

By Matt Seaborn.

This technique is identical to the Throw Group maneuver described in the Players Companion pages 164/165, except that instead of throwing the group the martial artist may hold them.


By Psychedelic Goblin.

The stylist launches two attacks almost simultaneously in a devastating combination. This is considered to be a single action. Both attacks are rolled separately.

Redirect Power

By Matt Seaborn.

The martial artist, when attacked, rolls vs. his assailant's successes, if successful then he may immediately, with no multiple actions penalty, perform a hold or throw on his attacker, adding either the damage the opponent would have inflicted and the difference in successes of the opposing rolls made, which ever is lower, to his throw or hold goal roll, thus complementing it.