By Jeffrey Ruszczyk

An adaptation of the standard FS combat rules

Size is now a characteristic, 1-10 range, 5 average. Each point is 1.5x the previous level, with 5=100kg. Short/Tall humans are -1/+1, Dwarf/Giant -2/+2. This is a rough, truncated attribute: think of each level as a "no more than this mass". FUDGE's "scale" was the source of this attribute.

Encumbrance is figured as (STR^2) in kg, with the following breaks:

weight carried = 1/4 ENC	no modifier
weight carried = 1/2 ENC	-2 goal number on appropriate actions
weight carried = 1 ENC		-4
weight carried = 2x ENC		-6
weight carried = 3x ENC		-9
weight carried = 4x ENC		-14
weight carried = 5x ENC		-20

Hit location is determined using d20:

	Melee/Hand		Missile
R.Leg	1-4			1-3
L.Leg	5-8			4-6
Abdomen	9-11			7-10
Chest	12			11-15
R.Arm	13-15			16-17
L.Arm	16-18			18-19
Head	19-20			20

Since I allow partial armors (e.g., plate helm with leather jerkin), each location contributes the following to armor weight: each leg=20%, abdomen=10%, chest=20%, each arm=15%, head=10%. This rule change is lifted directly from Runequest.

Injuries are determined by comparing the final damage (weapon base + VP's - armor) to size (the theory being bigger things are harder to hurt), with the following breaks (I'll use leg for my example, since each location has a separate effect):

damage<1/2 size		size		>2x size
minor wound		major wound	grievous	limb crippled

minor wound= -1 goal # to appropriate rolls
major wound= -4 goal #, -1 initiative
grievous wound= -8 goal #, -3 initiative

All STUMBLE and FUMBLE rolls are made as per FS; wound effects rolls are made as below vs 2xEND:

crit. succ.	No effect	No effect		Stun			Uncon.
success		No effect	Stun			Uncon.			Death
fail		Stun		Uncon.			Death			Death
crit. fail	Uncon.		Death			Death			Death

It looks like a lot of "Death" on that chart, but it takes damage greater than size for most locations to incur a Stun/Uncon. roll (the exception being the head). I'm no medical savant, so it may be ludicrous. Harn was the inspiration for the above.

Armor is rated for Slash, Pierce, Impact and Energy damage protection.