By Samuel Soul Mirror

A collection of Montok martial arts maneuvers

Raise Arm, Sword of Faith (Level 3, Dex + Fight, -2 Goal, 4 Damage, -1 initiative): A forearm blow to the opponent's midsection.

Lift Arms, Greet the Prophet (Level 4, Dex + Fight, -1 Goal, 6 Damage, -4 initiative): Cupped palms smack against the ears; this, in turn, is complimented by a drop to the ground by the attacker, who strikes the defender's legs out from under him, moving the assailant to the ground. The name of the maneuver comes from the "kiss" and "kneel" movements.

Raised Palm, Points of Star (Level 6-7, Per + Fight [Wits + Stoic Mind complimentary roll at Lvl 7]): Mantok disciples learn how to control their actions and motions, and this "maneuver" reflects this. It is a combat stance which allows the disciple unequivocal speed and quickness in combat; for all combat actions, initiative is increased by 1 for every victory point scored on the goal roll. At level 7, a complimentary roll can be given.

Turn Body, Blind with Faith (Level 8, Dex + Fight, -2/* Goal, +2/* Damage, -2/* Initiative; Martial Kick, Feint Prerequisite): A complicated series of kicks and feints designed to confuse and "blind" the defender. The first part of the maneuver is designed to be blatant; the second kick subtle, striking with supreme speed and power through defenses. As the first part of the maneuver is begun (normal attack roll), he also must roll Per + Fight; the number of victory points achieved on this roll can be applied as successes to Initiative, as successes to contest parries and dodges, or as successes to damage or accuracy, or any combination of the four, for the second kick (for example, Brother Leopold, utilizing this maneuver, rolls his Per + Fight (goal of 16); he rolls a 15, yielding 5 victory points. He applies 1 to initiative (garnering a +1 initiative), 2 to contest parries/dodges, and 2 to damage). Damage modifiers are in addition to bonuses earned by attack roll, theurgy or psi, or strength bonuses.