By Colin Chapman

The Order of the Shroud is among the most mysterious of factions in the Known Worlds, and the source of many folk-tales and wildly varying rumours.

The Order of the Shroud is among the most mysterious of factions in the Known Worlds, and the source of many folk-tales and wildly varying rumours.

What is known is that the Order of the Shroud is a force for good and justice, above and beyond such concerns as law, class, wealth or religion. Their daring rescues of the needy, and opposition to oppression has won them the admiration of many commoners and aliens, as well as the antipathy of would-be tyrants.

Their identities concealed behind hoods, cowls or shrouds of white cloth, these heroic figures are rumoured to serve a psychic coven led by a powerful oracle called Gwynfyd, and their hall is said to be located on Manitou.


It was 4935, shortly after the Symbiot Wars had run their bloody course, when a young but powerful psychic named Gwynfyd joined the Favyana on Delphi.

Plagued by uncontrolled dreams of a dark future, he focused his studies on the path of Omen (Precognition) hoping to acquire a better grasp on the cryptic images that filled his head. He excelled, rapidly becoming one of the greatest oracles the universe had ever seen, and the darkness of his visions disturbed him. Realising that people had to fight against the fading of the light, he argued his case with the leaders of the Favyana, urging them to take more direct action, using their powers to aid the greater good. Cautious and wary of the hostile world, the leaders of the sect were unprepared to risk discovery with blatant actions, however just they might be.

Disgruntled by their refusal, Gwynfyd departed from the Favyana along with a small core of psychics who shared his vision. Establishing a hall on Manitou, Gwynfyd created the Order of the Shroud, directing his followers to those areas where evils were to be perpetrated, and very soon these mysterious saviours began to gain in fame. Gradually, they located and recruited other psychics and mundanes of heroic heart and noble intentions, training them in the ways of the order. Their numbers grew, and their deeds became a source of hope for the oppressed.

Now, with the start of Alexius' reign, several members have argued that the time has come to approach the Emperor and reveal themselves, but the aged Gywnfyd has cryptically refused, stating that: 'the time has not yet come'


The Order of the Shroud is open to all individuals of good heart, be they human or alien, psychic or mundane. Class or affiliation are of no concern, save that the member should be true to the greater good first and foremost (including the Order itself).

A number of nobles, Ur-Obun, and even Ur-Ukar are members, and all but a few members continue their normal lives as 'secret identities'. Hidden safe-houses are located throughout the Known Worlds, and the order has accumulated a number of contacts and allies throughout all sections of society, some of which are in positions of great authority. Unfortunately, they have acquired just as many enemies, and are openly persecuted by the Church. All members are given extensive training in combat techniques, stealth and physical prowess, as well as dedicated willpower enhancing regimens. However, psychic members are given the best training, taught to focus and harness their powers in a controlled way, and have access to nearly every existing psychic path of study.

The equipment, weapons and armour of individual order members varies greatly, depending on position, mission, skill, and preference.

Typical Knight of the Shroud

In truth, there is no 'typical' knight, but the following attributes are ones that should be considered as additions to the character's 'cover' profession:

Characteristics: Dexterity, Wits, Perception, Psi
Natural Skills: Melee, Observe, Sneak, Vigor
Learned Skills: Focus, Stoic Mind
Blessing: Compassionate (2 pts: +2 Passion when helping others)
Benefices: Refuge (4 pts+)
Affliction: Dark Secret (2 pts)