By Patrick Arakel

Based upon the Mentat of Frank Herbert's Dune.

Characteristics: Wits, Perception, Introvert

Natural Skills: Observe

Learned Skills: Academia, Bureaucracy, Lore(Any),Read/Write(Any),Science(Anthropology, Archaeology), Search, Debate, Streetwise, Tactics, Focus, Inquiry, Lockpicking, Remedy(Poisons),Mech Redemption(Traps),Stoic Mind, Torture, Tracking Blessings/Curses: Mentat(10pts), Shrewd (2pts, +2 wits vrs. Fast Talk),Pride (-2pts, -2 Calm when abilities questioned)

Benefices: Mild Stigma(0pts),Gossip Network, Addiction

A Mentat is a human who has been trained from birth to perform amazing feats of memory and logic. Many people believe that they have psychic powers. While their abilities are psychic in nature, a Mentat may not use any other Psi powers or Theurgy. All Mentats are easily recognized by their bushy eyebrows and full, deep red lips. Most Mentats are trained by the Engineers on Leagueheim, some are created by Gentech for the Decados. Rumors that they are genetically altered keep them under suspicion by the Church. Almost all Mentats have some flaw, such as an addiction, which keeps them dependant upon their masters.

Mentats are masters of spies and assassins. The Engineers teach them a limited form of Mech Redemption dealing with traps, and they learn many Remedies dealing with poisons. The Guild is jealous of its skills however, and will deal harshly with Mentats who divulge its secrets. Mentats are not taught technical skills and sciences other than those listed. All Mentats believe themselves to be far superior to think machines, and are at -5 when attempting to use them.

Because of their incredible memory, a Mentat, simply by taking an extra turn, may add his Introvert characteristic to the goal number for the following skills: Academia, Bureaucracy, Lore(Any),Read/Write(Any),Science(Anthropology, Archaeology), Search, Debate ,Streetwise, Tactics.

By spending a point of Wyrd, the character may enter a Mentat trance. While in a trance, the character is aware of his surroundings and may speak with others, but may take no physical actions without breaking the trance. While in a trance, the Mentat can assimilate huge amounts of data. He can read a book at about on page a second (he can turn pages without breaking the trance), and if a magic lantern viewer is used, he can read a number of screens per second equal to his unmodified Read skill in the language. (The Mentat penalty for using think machines does not apply in this case.)

Alternatively, the Mentat may attempt to collate data. By making a Psi + Inquiry roll, he may receive a hint from the GM regarding facts already known. The time required and the clues given are up to the GM. Note that if the Mentat has false information, he will get false answers. If the Mentat fumbles this roll, he must roll Passion + Focus to avoid gaining a point of Urge. Mentats also gain Urge in the same manner as Psychics.

There is a danger inherent in the use of Mentat powers. Once the character has gained one point of Urge, he may become so self absorbed that he becomes trapped in his own mind. Whenever the Mentat adds his Introvert characteristic to a skill roll and fumbles, and every time he attempts to come out of a Mentat trance, roll Introvert + Urge. If the roll succeeds, the Mentat will be catatonic and completely unaware of the outside world for some amount of time. The length of time is determined by the amount of victory points scored by the Urge:

 1	1 minute	
2 1 hour
3 1 day
4 1 week
5 1 month
6 1 year
7+ Life
Crit +1 level
At the GM's option, Psi powers or Theurgy may be able to help the Mentat recover. Because Mentats are not true Psychics, their Urge is not as powerful. If the GM wishes, a high Urge might have some of the affects listed for Psychics, but in general, a Mentat's Urge will only attempt to make him reach wrong conclusions using his powers, and to go into Mentat trances at inappropriate times.