By Patrick Harrison

A stun grenade emits a powerful flash and has the effect of a stunner upon targets.

Taking advantage of reactive chemical compounds, a stun grenade emits a powerful flash and has the effect of a stunner upon targets. Used in paramilitary small-unit operations, and in any situations where avoiding casualties is preferable, the grenades are used primarily by House Hawkwood, the Muster, and the Imperial Eye.

Tech level: 6 Cost: 100 Firebirds Radius: 6 metres / variable Damage: 12 dice Roll: Dex + Vigor

A stun grenade causes 12 dice of damage at ground zero as normal, subtracting one dice for each metre a target is away from ground zero. Everyone within the blast radius suffers damage. Victory dice do not count towards damage.

A target taking damage from a stun grenade must roll Endurance + Vigor. If successful, there is no further damage. If failed, she is stunned for this turn and the next, losing all actions in this time. If she rolls a critical failure, the character is knocked unconscious. If the amount of damage is greater than the target's Endurance she rolls as above, but the target is knocked unconscious, not only on fumbles, but on all failures.

Stun damage is healed differently to normal damage. After 8 uninterrupted hours sleep, all stun damage is healed. However, stun damage contributes to normal damage - so if a character's vitality is reduced to zero while she has taken stun damage, she dies.

In addition to stun damage, a stun grenade also emits a super powerful flash. Everyone with line of sight on the stun grenade, up to 20 metres away, must pass an Endurance + Vigor test or be blinded for three turns. Anyone within 10 metres of the grenade has a -2 to their roll, anyone within 5 metres of the grenade has a -4 modifier to their roll, and anyone on ground zero has a -10 to their roll. Anyone rolling a critical failure will be blinded for the next span (and possibly permanently, depending upon the GM). Anyone who shields their eyes in some way by rolling Dex + Dodge gains a +4 modifier to the goal number. Anyone who is stunned is automatically blinded.