By Tom Pleasant

Caste system protector

The countess was born on Kish to rule. As the first born she was primed with leadership skills from an early age. She is a traditionally conservative Li Halan who seeks stability of the caste system. The nobels are born to rule, the Church is always right and guards peoples souls and the serfs are born to till the field.

The only problem she has is with the League who she sees as dangerous and decadent loose cannons spreading dissension at their every port of call. Should they succeed she honestly believes that all Gehenne will break loose and thus sees it as her moral duty to protect other factions from their corruption.

She is close minded and stubborn. She is very religous but does not seek a Theocracy although the Church should have more power than it already does. ie along the lines of Li Halan space but all over the Known Worlds.

She can be very Machiavellian at times but will still only act within the law of the Nobles and the Church. She will however exploit the word of the law to the letter. Thus she willingly uses 2nd Rep tech but only as dictated by the Privilige of Martyrs. She is one of the true mistresses of the secret lore of Command; that Li Halan skill that allows one to command through the power of the voice. Her entourage contains, among others, her confessor (very loyal), Church legal theologians, an indoctrinated Vorox bodyguard, Hidden Martyrs and a number of penitents.

Age 47. Short and thin. Long white hair and dark green eyes.