By Tom Pleasant

Pious Musketeer

Hsiao was born on Midian into a relatively liberal family. The 4th son of the family he was free to choose his life. From an early age he was fed on tales of daring, romance, loyalty to ones house, worship of the Church and respect to the serfs. He also had the opportunity to meet a variety of people. These would invariably be at the many parties and balls that his liberal family would take him to. There he witnessed the many aspects of noble life through the eyes of a child. He would see dashing knights,beautiful lords and ladies, amusing conversations and on a few occasions duels of honour.

After his final training he went back into the social whirl once again. Things had changed from how he remembered it though. There was still the magic of society but he saw no justice. People condemned of a crime or slight they never commited were forever being banished or shunned. He became a social protector and soon had a reputation to match. While some would not invite him to their parties others enjoyed the displays he would in all earnest provide.

Things reached a head however when he left planet and discovered that the liberalness of Midian was not matched on the other Li Halan planets. He soon found himself out of his depth after defending the honour of a lady in a duel with a Hazat noble only to have it turn out that she was a courtesan. Both of them were dismissed and unoffically exiled. Fulfilling his duty to honour (it was his fault for her banishment) he gave her aid and took her with him.

They wander the social circuit now: he righting wrongs and she entertaining clients. Some see him as her pimp but in fact she willingly gives him financial aid as she is in love with him. He in turn is rather naive as to her source of finances and still does not realize that she is a courtesan. Now it has been over two years since they have been together and she does not want to tell him for fear that he will reject her.

He has a fault in that he is captivated by the Nobility. While in theory he would right the wrongs of anyone he met he tends to socialise with the Factions rather than the serfs. He is an extremely good duellist and a rather good poet. He is well groomed, fairly cultured but generally nondescript. 21 years old. 58. Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She is guilty over her secret, stuckup towards serfs, hates the Hazat due to the situation that the duel has placed them, very beautiful and quite pleasant in normal situations. 24 years old 54 with long black hair and pale blue eyes.

Both are only mildly religious for Li Halan.