By Tom Pleasant

Special Forces

The Colonel Baron is a Special Forces agent. It is his job to dispatch liabilities & traitors, to take out potential threats and generally keep the Hazats interests running smoothly. He has served in the military police, the commandos, been a bodyguard and now through superlative actions risen to be one of the dozen Special Forces squad commanders.

His most famous exploits include bringing in the Dervish turned serial killer in Port Authority on BZII as well as dispatching the Baroness Vania de Sutek on Holy Terra, before she informed the Church of various shady dealings the Hazat had on Urth, while she was guarded in the Vatican.

He was witness to many of the atrocities in the Wars and knows full well that the other Powers do exactly the same as he to maintain the smooth running of societal cogs. While he doesnt like what he has to do he sees it as being necessary for his House. He is arrogant about the Nobles and in particular the Hazat who he sees as the protectors of the Known Worlds from the Kurgans and other miscreants. He was brought up to be fairly religious in an unthinking way and respects Mantius in his aspect as protector.

He has access to vast resources and his squad of 11 other agents under him who are even more fanatical than him to the House. (two commissioned officers, two weapons specialists, two demolition experts, two medics, two communications and two senior non commissioned officers trained in operations and intelligence)

On downtime he spends time with his only remaining family at their estate on Aragon. At the age of 36 he is beginning to think about a wife before he gets too old but doesnt think that his life is conducive to marital harmony. Nonetheless he has found his attraction to a distantly related niece on the estate as a tempation he could well do without. His only personal possession he takes on duty is a locket given to him by his mother. It has a relief of Mantius on the front with a portrait of his mother and a small photo of the niece inside.

Age 36. 510 Stocky.Dark skin, short cropped hair. He and his squad wear synthsilk business suits with Mitchau blaster pistols and concealed energy shields. Knives are tucked into their boots. They never wear any insignia or personal I.D. All are equipped with a poison filled false tooth.

NB adapted from a fleeting reference to him in the rumours chart of the Precious Cargo adventure.