By Tom Pleasant

Beautiful Spoiled Brat

Jennifer was brought up on a predominantly male Ravenna estate where she took to manipulation at an early age. After her mother was killed in a Vuldrok attack on Gwynneth she was left with little female influence. On a trip to Delphi she realized how little she knew and arranged to stay with Countess Portia.

Many thought that it would be a huge clash of egos but they hit it off rather well, Portia seeing herself in youth without the experience of age and Jennifer seeing someone with the refinement that she craved. So well did they bond that she stayed with Portia for three years and learned a plethora of female arts.

For 4 years she has wandered the Known worlds staying with Dukes, Archbishops & Deans. To many she is simply a beautiful, elegant young lady searching for a husband who is very pleasant to be with and to be seen with. In reality her aspirations are much higher. Having met the Emperor a few times she realized something few have; that Alexius craves an equal. As a responsible Hawkwood he would marry Lady Penelope and as a man in love he would have Theafana Al-malik. The closest combination of the two he has is Salandra Decados and he keeps her close so that he knows what she is doing.

Thus she is cultivating herself into all three. She seeks contacts in all 4 powers,involves herself in politics, educates herself, practices fencing and maintains her looks and style. In truth she hates books and physical exercise but sees it as a means to an end. If she manages to keep it up then she is hoping to finish her self improvement with a quest (something Theafana would do) to find something suitable to present to Alexius. A Lost World or something equally impressive although the less work she has to do herself the better.

23 years old. 510 with long, wavy, flame red hair. Light brown eyes and alabaster pale skin. She still finds it hard not to dismiss anyone she doesnt find important and so can either be very vain and prideful or very friendly and talkative. For all her aims for Imperial power and her friendships with other powers she is fanatical about House Hawkwood and its superiority over the other houses and Nobility over the Church and the League. She also hates it if she doesnt get her way.