By Tom Pleasant


Daniel began his tour of duty at 17 after leaving Ravenna for the first time. He hasnt stopped. After the Hawkwood worlds he progressed onto the others and now wanders as his will takes him. He has traveled incognito, in disguise or fully acknowledging his noble status as the need fits.

Towards the end of the Wars he gave out information to save innocent lives even if that meant betraying the Hawkwoods. During the last days he helped Alexius in earnest but refused to in an official capacity when the Wars finished. He still sends information to Mazarin but wont help the Imperial Eye.

His companions are Carl Shaston, his old house body guard, and a Scout Golem (FL:Tp56) called Byron who he found on Midian. His custom ship is The Pequod, an extremely fast Ambrim 3500 Scout ship. The cargo space is converted to be either engines (can make a jumpgate in 3 days) or energy storage.

He has heard rumours over the years of a mysterious stellar creature that sails the space lanes much like a starship. It cruises into system at about 30% of lightspeed and drifts around the sun for a time. It then speeds off at over 40% and disappears into the jumpgate after nosing around the planets. Whether this is a natural creature or an ancient starship he knows not. The tales date from at least the 2nd Republic so it is unlikely but not impossible that it is a Symbiot. Either way he has become ever more obsessed with catching it and its jumproute coordinates. Thus, as well as travelling for pleasure and experience he keeps seeking information about it and stellar technology to catch it.

35 years old. Tall, with a weathered face from working with peasants to pay his way and travelling through inhospitable terrain. He has sandy blond hair and green eyes. He tries to be as well groomed as circumstances permit. He is witty and puts people at their ease quickly. He is both curious and impetuous. Although less prideful than many Hawkwood he still does not like being treated without the respect that a noble deserves, even when incognito.