By Tom Pleasant

Disgraced Decados Daughter

She was born on Cadavus and raised the traditional Jakovian way. She formally joined at 16 and it seemed as if she would rapidly rise through the ranks. Then she was assigned back to Cadavus to infiltrate a rebel cell as her final test.

During her 6 month stay she passed on information to the agency that caused the destruction of numerous other cells and confederates. She learnt however something else: hope and compassion. This came too late to save the cell of people she came to love and respect as the Kassocks wiped the entire lot out.

The death of her friends in the cell hit her hard. Refusing her entry to the Agency she took up her hereditary title and a noble life. She began to fall apart socially, brooding and haranguing people at parties. Eventually her land was stripped from her and it was suggested that she move on.

5 years later she is still a mess. Early on most people assume that a repentent Decados will be a great boon to their power but they invariably start to avoid her as they discover how out of control she is. She makes her way from planet to planet overstaying her welcome at nobles,merchants and clergys homes ranting at anyone too polite not to tell her to leave.

Now she is pulling herself together in terms of her goals. She has had some influence in recent rebellions on noble worlds as well as a break out of a gulag on Malignatius and at the moment believes that a Republican society will be the Utopia she seeks. Ultimately this will fade with realisation that the League can be as bad as the Nobles. Then it will be the turn of the Church and a Theocracy which in turn will fail to uphold her strenuous criteria.

She has come to Iver as she has heard of the pro-republican movement there and hopes to use it to prevent the Nobles from wreaking havok on the paradise planet. Age 21. Tall and blonde Grazia could be ravishing but is a mess. Her hair is growing back after hacking it off when in the jungle home of a rebel base. She never bothers with makeup and washes infrequently. A scowl is permanently etched onto her prematurely aged face. She wears tan combat fatigues and the Decados badge is pinned upside down in some adolescent form of protest. She has various crude tattoos on her face,neck and arms from the rebels she has stayed with. All she owns is a hunting knife, a bedroll, an inferior sabre and rebel automatic slug rifle.

She has a well thumbed book about the various ancient democratic theories which she constantly reads and annotates. Written by a noble scholar it is very biased and she has littered its margins with furious exclamations and comments. Although a visionary and compassionate to serfs she is still extraordinarily irritating and being so messy doesnt help with peoples perception of her.