By Tom Pleasant

Jakovian agent corrupters

Born as a psychic breeding experiment by Genetech and the Jakovian Agency they are unaware that they are distant cousins. They grew up in a controlled group of 10 other children on Edenya and were raised from before birth to be perfect Jakovian agents. They were also trained to utilise their psionic powers as soon as they materialized. At 13 they became lovers and the physical and psychic bonding has made them as one.

When 16 they were split up and sent as boyars to different planets. When they left their apprenticeships they met again and married almost immediately. The Jakovian Agency agreed to this as it was their intent that at least one couple breed while the others spread their seed elsewhere among the noble Houses. They have proven their loyalty and expertise time and again. Their title is a combination of both skill and as a tool to allow them to have access to higher levels of society. Their most infamous success was corruption of a highly guarded church penitent who was skilled in the Path of Omen and now is Prince Hyrams personal seer on Severus.

Now they have been given the freedom to seek out their next assignment. They chose to go to Iver to try and corrupt a planet.

Previously warned to be wary of Zhrii-kaa they have begun to take it in earnest after previously successfull highs having been introduced to it by a Decados dealer on Pandemonium. Considering the psychic virginity of Iver they are planning to introduce both the Invisible Path and the Favyana to the planet to see what will happen to the native population.

(Personal Campaign note: The Chauki hate psychics after such a Sathraist and cult systematically dominated almost half the global population and started the Invisible War)

30 years old each. Both are physically fit and enjoy athletics. Jula has pale blond hair and blue eyes while Guass has jet black hair and dark brown eyes. Both are very neat after the self discipline that the Agency instilled in them. Jula has a hatred of lesser non-psychic humans especially serfs and favours the Invisible path. She has a tendency of laughing a lot in conversation primarily because she can read what people are really thinking.

Gauss hides a basic inferiority complex because he has some guilt over what he does. Not that he will repent in fact this drives him all the more to do his job. He also likes to provide anecdotes and stories to prove his point assuming that his non-psychic communication will not be understood by other lesser creatures.

That being said they are both witty, intelligent & pleasant people to be with; if you are a high ranking member of one of the four powers that be that is. Personal Campaign note: I use the Gauss as contacts for one of my players on the recently opened planet Iver. He plays the heir to a Duke of a minor House called the Von Hackerheins. They are Germanic noble mercenaries who were originally used by the Hawkwoods as Black Ops agents but their affiliation was traded (re.stolen) by the Decados during the last century. Now they see him as a hobby, hoping to see how useful he really is and what they can actually get him to do. They are slowly getting him to do more and more jobs which have far more serious ramifications than he realises. Of course if he wasnt such a gun fanatic and actually investigated the jobs first hed realize but....