By Paul Monteleoni

Raggedy grey-green scavenger birds, Skell-birds flock to any great loss of life or, indeed, to any great loss. They are said to feed on sadness and pain. They are, however, extremely clever birds, and they are often sought after as pets (they are not fashionable in courts, but they are often invaluable to more rustic nobles and to commoners everywhere)- they are captured by causing or feeling sadness or pain and then making a net. Of course, in some places, Skell-birds are thought to be the familiars of witches. Scravers and other human scavengers are often called Skells. Indeed, many regions have legends of wandering bands of Skells, who, guided by their birds, descend on calamity and pain to feed. Sometimes Skells are roving bandit packs who demand respect, or sometimes they are loose vagabonds. In general, however, any wandering folk are likely to be seen as Skells, and driven off or killed in order to ward off catastrophe.