By Colin Chapman

Name Locale Description Location
Gigolo Sparrow Grail Small attractive sparrow regarded as a symbol of sexuality DBS 71
Pinktail Gazelle Ravenna Small, lithe gazelles, with elegant horns and pink tails, seen as a symbol of sexuality due to their rapid breeding. Extensively hunted by nobles on Ravenna. DBS 71
Chameleon Python Severus Large constrictor with chameleon-like color-changing abilities. Regarded as a phallic symbol. DBS 71
Rutboar Vorox An ugly, almost canine boar, with a swollen rump. Regarded as a symbol of virility within Voroxian culture. DBS 71
Thracker Vorox A small poisonous reptile capable of astounding bursts of speed.
Galopin "Feathered Horse" Aylon Swift, sacred, equine beast with peacock-like plumage Maybe even extinct. Equivalent of Urth Unicorn. DBS 71
Shinda Aylon Small, green pachyderm, used as mount and dray-beast in the jungles. Gentle, loyal and possibly sentient. FL:T 24
Brutes Byzantium Secundus Large herd animal used for dray work, exported everywhere. FS 228
Giant Jellyfish Byzantium Secundus Jellyfish up to 40ft long, in the Galder Sea. BS 46
Giant Sea Insect Byzantium Secundus Aggressive fauna of the Galder Sea, including giant skater bugs and giant water scorpions. BS 46
Huffa Byzantium Secundus Rabbit-like rodent. Feral pet stock . BS 46
Queern Sh'an Byzantium Secundus Poisonous snake from Cadiz. Feral pet stock. BS 46
Raech-ul Byzantium Secundus Primitive, sewer-dwelling, amphibious 'troll-like' humanoids. BS 85
Scrion Byzantium Secundus Large translucent bat-like creatures. BS 87
Sharprats Byzantium Secundus Large, ferocious, pack-hunting rodents. BS 85
Thrinn Cats Byzantium Secundus Feral pet felines. BS 46
Tranquier Byzantium Secundus Large crocodilian sewer predators. BS 86
Urig Bats Byzantium Secundus Feral pet chiroptera. BS 46
Yipyip Birds Byzantium Secundus Pet parrots that mimic the worst gossip they hear BS 46
Patas Obun Grazing herd animals CotG 50
Corgun Ukar Huge, vicious, serpentine monsters. CotG 68
Galisp Ukar Brightly colored mobile fungi that can be shaped into dwellings and clothing. CotG 61
Muntas Ukar Huge, subterranean bear-like pack animals. CotG 68
Murcha Beast Ukar Large, foul-smelling and ugly subterranean slug. Used as an insulting term. LotKW 130
Mworgun Ukar Gaunt leathery bipeds with slits eyes and nostrils that mimic sounds, luring other animals and people to their death. Said to be the result of Second Republic experimentation. CotG 68
Patas Ukar Grazing herd animals. CotG 50
Saurians Ukar Blind, carnivorous subterranean reptile-birds. CotG 68
Solka Ukar Vicious albino vampiric apes with sucker-tipped fingers. CotG 68
Torbun Ukar Subterranean herd animals similar to blind, six-legged spiked tortoises. CotG 63
Valpas Ukar Subterranean fish. CotG 51
Votun Ukar Large blind subterranean beavers. CotG 51