By Colin Chapman

Some of the best scouts and cavalry in existence, the Gray Scouts were established during the early days of the Ukar War.

Some of the best scouts and cavalry in existence, the Gray Scouts were established during the early days of the Ukar War, proving of immeasurable help to the human forces, using their psionic power to remain undetected while performing reconnaissance duties.

Allied with House Hawkwood, the Gray Scouts are recruited largely from the Xho'allafanen mountain tribes, and those few Obun who actually desire the physical action and excitement seldom found on Velisamil (Obun). This very mindset sets the Gray Scouts apart from their more sedate kin, but even so, they seem calm, rational and philosophical in contrast to their human compatriots.

Operating largely autonomously, albeit reporting to human officers of House Hawkwood, the Gray Scouts hold an almost mythical reputation for their rapport with their mounts, one that even members of House Trusnikron admire and respect. In truth, many individual scouts use psychic Bonding to establish a close link with their mount.

The Grey Scouts comprise but a single regiment, and operate in pairs. They are also aptly named, both for their gray apparel and ability to slip by unnoticed in darkness or light. This astounding capability for stealth stems not from pure physical expertise (although they are certainly skilled in that field) but from their practice of that most rare of psychic paths: Cloaking. The Grey Scouts are one of the few places this path is actually taught, and they guard their secrets jealously from outsiders. Not for nothing do they hold a reputation as tight-lipped and standoffish, much preferring their own company and that of their beasts.

They pay lip service to Vhem, wearing ornamental feather cloaks for the few ceremonies they attend, but this only increases the mystique that enshrouds them in the minds of outsiders.

Such is their value to House Hawkwood that the regiment is supplied with warhorses of quality, and carbine Imperial Rifles (essentially shortened versions that are easier to use and carry on horseback).

Typical Grey Scout

Characteristics: Calm, Dexterity (base 4; cost: 1pt), Endurance (max 9; +2 pts), Perception, Psi (base 1; cost: 3 pts), Strength (max 9; +2 pts), Wits.
Natural Skills: Melee, Observe, Shoot, Sneak, Vigor.
Learned Skills: Beast Lore, Focus, Read Obunish, Remedy, Ride, Speak Obunish (3) and Urthish (base 2; cost: 2 pts), Stoic Mind, Survival, Tracking.
Blessings/Curses: Disciplined (2 pts: +2 Calm in combat situations)/ Secretive (+2 pts: -2 Extrovert around strangers).
Psychic Paths: Bonding, Cloaking, Sixth Sense.
Benefices: Broadsword, Imperial Rifle Carbine (2), Leather Jerkin, Low-Light Goggles (2), Spear (also used as a light lance), Warhorse (4).
Average Salary: 8 firebirds/month.