By Colin Chapman

Name Locale Description Location
Klaj AYLON Root used to create the combat drug Klaj.
Bristleweed BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS Vast reeds, similar to bamboo that grows throughout the lowlands. Used for some primitive constructions.
Cylofungus BYZANTIUM SECUNDUS Faintly phosphorescent mushrooms that grow on Scrion guano.
Baryans GRAIL Majestic hardwood trees, prized for their timber.
Bile Blooms LEAGUEHEIM Beautiful purple flowers that give off deadly spores.
Bwasquan MADOC Island tress encrusted with lichen.
Sasa Brush MADOC Low shoreline bushes, encrusted with lichen.
Jewel-Eye Lotus MANITOU Beautiful, multi-hued, iridescent Lotus from which the Psi-drug Zhrii-ka'a is made.
Cantha Weed PENTATEUCH Tobacco. Widely exported.
Joloba Beans PENTATEUCH Ground for coffee and widely exported.
Mellior PENTATEUCH A rich, dark hardwood tree, whose timber is prized.
Ka PYRE Hardy bush from which ka-oil (used in flameguns) is tapped.
Bourka Flower SEVERUS A beautiful, but intensely virulent, orchid. Said to be akin to the Decados.
Opiate Poppy SEVERUS Large blue poppy from which Selchakah is made.
Mayax Tuber VOROX A root, which when boiled, creates an antiseptic lotion.
Voroxian Chal VOROX Plant from which the intoxicating (and proscribed) Vorox tobacco is made.
Megawheat WIDESPREAD Genetically engineered ultra-wheat, capable of thriving in many locations.
Millirice WIDESPREAD Genetically engineered ultra-rice, capable of thriving in many locations.