By Derrick

Converting from Fading Suns ro Warhammer 40K stats.

Warhammer Stat:

Move: 4 for everyone, 5 if you are big (Grimson, Vorox) or fast (changed?)
WS: Dex + Melee, then look on Chart Main
BS: Dex + Shoot, then Chart Main
S: See Strength chart
T: See Toughness chart
W: See Wound Chart
I: Average of Perception + Observation and Dex + Dodge, then Chart Main
A: All characters (heros) get a base of two
Ld: Oooh, this is tough, see chart but modify for species, religious alignment, house alignment, etc.

Warhammer	Chart		Strength		Toughness	Wounds
Value		Main
1		 1-2		   1			Deathbed	Normal
2		 3-5		   2			Wimps		Minor Hero
3		 6-8		   3			Normals		Major Hero
4		 9-11		  4-5			Minor Heros	Human Max
5		12-14		  6-7			Major Heros	Supernatural
6		15-17		  8-9			Human Max	Supernatural
7		18-20		10-11			Supernatural	Supernatural
8		21-23		12-13			Supernatural	Supernatural
9		24-26		14-15			Supernatural	Supernatural
10		27+		   16+			Supernatural	Supernatural

Leadership: Rank
7 Normals
8 Sergeant
9 Leiutenant
10 Captain

Lesser Armors gives save of 6 or 5-6
Plastic Plate gives save of 4-6
Plastic Plate plus Synth Silk gives save of 3-6
Ceramsteel equals Terminator Armor, 2+ save on two dice<

Shields: Work as Warhammer shield save except that the roll is MODIFIED by the saving throw modifier instead of being an unmodified save. This means that simple weapons have no chance of penetrating the bigger shields. Also, to reflect the ability of the Fading Suns shield to reduce incoming damage, the amount by which the shield save roll is made becomes the new armor save modifier.

Assualt Shield: -1
Battle: 0
Standard: 1
Duelling: 2

Example: A character wearing a standard shield is hit by a weapon with a -4 armor save. So, on a 5 or 6 the damage gets past the shield. The shield save roll results in a six, which means the new armor save modifier is -1 rather than -4. Yes, this makes a character in Ceramsteel armor with an assualt shield a VERY difficult person to bring down, but I think this is true in Fading Suns as well.

Weapons: A Fading Suns semi-automatic rifle would equal a WH40K lasgun, FS auto rifle would equal a bolt gun and other weapons would have to be estimated by comparing relative strengths in the two gaming systems. As this is getting long as it is, I'll provide the conversions we have already done to anyone interested.

Other things: Psy/Theurgy does not cross into WH40K well at all. We suggest the characters be allowed to make the normal Fading Suns roll once at the beginning of their turns, since they are nowhere near as powerful as the WH powers. They would probably last the entire battle and the changes they effect represented by a recalcutation of the WH stats or a whole new effect determined by the GM.

We also suggest giving characters special powers, like the Eldar Exarch powers. One character is allowed to fire twice in shooting, one martial artist allowed to parry twice with his hands, our Grimson is allowed to carry a heavy weapon and use it as move-and-fire, where in the hands of a lesser mortal it would be more-or-fire. This allows the characters to have flair, be interesting and be differentiated depending on their strengths rather than just plain, boring numbers.

Our GM has also come up with a chart for when a character "dies" in battle. It either means the character is really dead, lost/broke a cool item, is unconscious and their fate determined by the victor of the battle and so on.