By Colin Chapman

The legendary Fifth Dark Legion is the Ukar al-Malik army comprised of volunteers from the Allied Clans of Aylon, Istakhr, and Kordeth (Ukar).

The legendary Fifth Dark Legion is the Ukar al-Malik army comprised of volunteers from the Allied Clans of Aylon, Istakhr, and Kordeth (Ukar). Fierce, unyielding, and with no regard for such quaint notions as 'honorable' conflict, the Fifth Dark Legion believe the ends justify the means and winner takes all. They fight rabidly if cornered or the need is paramount, and favor an informal, almost guerilla-style of combat: one that holds them in good stead for the many covert 'black operations' they conduct at House al-Malik's request.

Established in 4718, the Fifth Dark Legion proved itself as one of the universe's elite warrior forces when it defeated the Stigmata Garrison following Carmetha Decados' assault on the Criticorum and the other al-Malik worlds. The al-Malik later covered this up, saying that the Ukari merely aided Duke Hakim's own Second Army. Surprisingly, this caused little resentment among the Legionnaires who had already grown used to the fact that they received neither praise nor recognition for their many deeds. For many it even became a grim badge of pride. The Legionnaires have learned to live with heir bitterness better than many Ukari, but their reputation is truly frightening, causing many individuals to fear them anyway.

All members of the Dark Legion have the baa'mon for kadan carved prominently into their foreheads alongside their clan baa'mon. They dress in durable dark galisp vests and pants, displaying leaf patterns, providing excellent camouflage as well as protection.

Many Legionnaires practice Hiddur Banjak, and perform the Auasta, Lono, Mava, and Loza ceremonies in a single vast gathering, sacrificing animals to help stay their Urge. This bloody practice has contributed to the Legion's already fearsome reputation, and it is widely whispered that they sometimes sacrifice captive enemies.

The practice of Jox Kai Von and Kraxi are established disciplines and fighting techniques in the Legion, and few opponents have any wish to engage the Ukari in melee.

Typical Dark Legionnaire

Characteristics: Dexterity (base 4; cost: 1pt), Endurance (max 9; +2 pts), Perception, Psi (base 1; cost: 3 pts), Strength (max 9; +2 pts), Tech (base 4; cost: 1 pt), Urge (base 1; +3 pts), Wits.
Natural Skills: Dodge, Fight, Melee, Observe, Shoot, Sneak, Vigor.
Learned Skills: Jox Kai Von Actions, Kraxi Actions, Remedy, Speak Ukarish (3), Speak Urthish (base 2; cost: 2 pts), Stoic Body, Survival, Throwing, Warfare (Tactics).
Blessings/Curses: Sensitive Touch (2 pts: +2 Perception to discern touched objects)/Scary (+2 pts: +2 Impress).
Psychic Paths: Sixth Sense, Soma.
Afflictions: Ostracized (Mild: +1 pt).
Benefices: Galisp Armor (equal to leather), 2 Kraxi (knives), Submachinegun (3).
Average Salary: 6 firebirds/month.