By Kevin Christensen

Hit location table

            GOAL ROLL MOD.        EFFECT DICE ADJ.       HIT LOC. d20
Chest            -2                      +0                14-20
Vitals           -3                      +2                10-13
Leg*             -4                      +0                6-7 R, 8-9L
Arm*             -5                      +0                4R,5L
Head*            -7                      +4                3
Hand*            -8                      +0                1R, 2L

*any limb which is hit, armor non withstanding, for 6 points of damage or more by a single attack is destroyed; i.e. time for cyberware!

some fine points:

-of course, shotguns or flame guns cannot have called shots [ i haven't decided what to do for autofire weapons...]

-armor will cover the amount of hit loc.'s equal to it's numerical rating; i.e plate armor (5+5d) will cover up to 5 loc.'s of the player's choice. for example, rex the vorox's plate covers the head, chest, vitals, arms, and legs...

-an energy shield will still cover the entire body.

-I tried to make this chart reflect accenting rolls.