By Matt Seaborn

A scruffy and offensive pilot who rarely bothers with such niceties as shaving or often even washing.

Race: Human
Quote: "They're f***ing everywhere. If that f***ing monkey doesn't get the f***ing engine to full power we're f***ing dead!"
Rank/Class: Scraver Chief
Description: Tuti's pilot. A scruffy and offensive man who rarely bothers with such niceties as shaving or often even washing. He is, however, an extremely talented pilot who works best under pressure. He once was a Sathraist, and addicted to the Sathra sensation but when imprisoned for smuggling he was forced into 'cold turkey' and after being released had no desire to return to his occult past.
Entourage: None
Body: Strength 5, Dexterity 7, Endurance 4
Mind: Wits 4, Perception 6, Tech 5
Spirit: Extrovert 5, Introvert 2, Passion 6, Calm 1, Faith 2, Ego 4
Natural Skills: Charm 4, Dodge 4, Fight 5, Impress 4, Melee 4, Observe 6, Shoot 5, Sneak 5, Vigor 4
Learned Skills: Drive (Aircraft) 7, Drive (Landcraft) 5, Drive (Spacecraft 9), Drive (Watercraft) 3, Knavery 5, Lockpicking 4, Lore (Jumproads) 5, Lore (Occult) 2, Read (Urthish) 3, Read (Urthtech) 5, Remedy 4, Redemption (Mech) 5, Redemption (Comp) 3, Redemption (Volt) 4, Science (Astronomy) 2, Search 3, Sleight of Hand 2, Spacesuit 4, Speak (Urthish) 3, Speak (Scraver Cant) 3, Streetwise 5, Think Machine 3, Warfare (Gunnery) 3
Blessings: Suspicious (2 pts), Crack Pilot (4 pts)
Curses: Guilty (2 pts), Uncouth (2 pts)
Benefices: Well-Travelled (5 pts), Commission (5 pts)
Afflictions: Dark Secret (2 pts)
Occult: Psi 3, Urge 1
Powers: Sathra's Path(Communion, Trail)
Wyrd: 7
Weapons: Laser pistol, knife
Armour: Leather jerkin
Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0