By Ant Cole

Genin Scraver, Zarakim carries the slight air of arrogance common to those of noble birth.

Race: Human
Quote: "You mess with me, you mess with my whole family!"
Rank/Class: Genin Scraver, ex-Knight of House al-Malik
Description: Zarakim carries the slight air of arrogance common to those of noble birth. He has the appearance of a typical al-Malik, but wearing unusual dress. Zarakim is normally found in his synth-silk armour, or plain utilitarian clothing. He has an intense curiosity, and seems to have a need to know just exactly what is going on around him (even if his curiosity does sometimes lead him into trouble).
Entourage: None
Body: Strength 4, Dexterity 7, Endurance 4
Mind: Wits 5, Perception 5, Tech 3
Spirit: Extrovert 3, Introvert 1, Passion 1, Calm 3, Faith 1, Ego 3
Natural Skills: Charm 4, Dodge 4, Fight 4, Impress 3, Melee 4, Observe 5, Shoot 6, Sneak 6, Vigor 3
Learned Skills: Speak (Urthish) 3, Art 1, Debate 1, Inquiry 1, Lore (Trading) 2, Lore (Istakhr Market) 1, Streetwise 2, Sleight of Hand 3, Speak (Graceful Tongue) 3, Speak (Scravers Cant) 3, Read (Urthish) 1, Redemption (High-Tech) 2, Lockpicking 1, Search 1
Blessings: Nerves of Steel (2)
Curses: Greedy (2 pts), Non-descript (1 pt), Nosy (1 pt)
Afflictions: Dark glimpse (1 pt), Dark secret (2 pts), Vendetta (2 pts)
Benefices: Commission (5 pts), Contact (1 pts), Gossip Network (4 pts), Nobility (3 pts), Riches (5 pts)
Occult: Psi: 4
Stigma: Spontaneous cuts appearing at random points on body
Powers/Rites: Psyche(Intuit, Emote, Mindsight)
Wyrd: 6
Equipment: Spy-eye (magnifier, infra-red, non-skill use, non-delicate)
Weapons: Blaster pistol, palm laser, medium auto, sword
Firearm Actions: Quick Reload
Martial Arts: Martial kick
Fencing: Parry
Armour: Synth-silk (2+2d)
Shield: Dueling Energy shield
Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0
Other Information: Hazrat had a peaceful up-bringing, along with his younger brother Kurush and sister Azhara. At the age of 20 he began, as most al-Malik do, to follow the path of his ancestors and seek spiritual enlightenment, through what is called The Intangible Mountain. Whilst on the path of the first mountain, it is required that young al-Malik's spend some-time gaining life-experience, on other planets, doing other jobs. It was at this point that Hazrat became allied with the Scravers.

After finishing his time with the Scravers, and returning to his family home, having completed the first mountain, Hazrat became disillusioned with the noble way of life. His family's estate offered little to keep him occupied and he found himself missing the dealings of the Scravers. Things continued as expected though, with him running the family's estates, until his parents were killed in an accident whilst returning to the planet. This left Hazrat in charge, and heir to his parents estate (they had decided to en-trust him with all of the estate, assuming that he would continue as before, and that he would look after his brother and sister).

He saw this as his only chance to escape a dull and meaningless life, and so decided to contact some of his previous acquaintances within the scravers, to see if there was some way he could be of use. He discovered that they were more than happy to hear from him (not least because of the wealth he had inherited). He soon was spending more and more time on Scraver business, and certain members of his family were beginning to notice.

His uncle Zahad Tahir al-Malik, became enraged that he was investing more and more of his time and money with the scravers, protesting that an alliance with such a guild would bring the family's name into disrepute. The arguing continued until one day when hazrat had taken as much as he could stand, he summoned his uncle to the house and told him that from this day forward he was no longer and al-Malik, he had decided that he was going to accept an offer of a commision with the scravers, and to save his family any embarresment, was severing all ties with them.

This meant that he was taking his lands and wealth (which was all his uncle was ever really interested in), and using them to enhance his career, rather than for family benefit. He offered his brother and sister the chance to stay with him, but they both refused, preffering to go and stay with their uncle, who at least, was stil al-Malik. This left Hazrat, now called Zarakim, a free agent, able to pursue his own interests without having to worry about family opinions or restrictions (although he was saddened by his brother and sister leaving, them believing him to be a traitor to the family name).

So, now aged 29, Zarakim is an associate with the scravers (admittedly a low rank, but rank is only a way other people measure you, not how you measure your self), Zarakim travels the known worlds, following whatever plots or items of interest takes his fancy.