By Bernard Ogden

Deacon of the Eskatonic Sect and Knight of House Li Halan.

Race: Human
Quote: "Judging by the triple rows of teeth and the pigmentation of the tentacles, its a soldier demon of the fifth Qlippoth. According to Horace's Treatise on Cosmogeny we can banish it by employing a ritual which will require two Bishops, three hours of preparation and a fully reflective innocent. Alternatively, two barrels of buckshot delivered at point-blank range should produce much the same effect."
Rank/Class: Illuminatus of the Eskatonic Order and Knight of House Li Halan
Description: 6'4", 140 lbs, long blonde hair, anaemic complexion, piercing blue eyes, usually concealed by shades. Usually wears dark clothes and an overgarment bearing the Eskatonic symbol.
Entourage: None
Body: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Endurance 3
Mind: Wits 7, Perception 6, Tech 3
Spirit: Extrovert 1, Introvert 4, Passion 1, Calm 3, Faith 5, Ego 2
Occult: Theurgy 4
Natural Skills: Charm 3, Dodge 3, Fight 3, Impress 3, Melee 3, Observe 4, Shoot 6, Sneak 3, Vigor 3
Learned Skills: Speak Urthish 3, Academia 4, Occult Science (Cosmogeny) 3, Lore (Occult) 6, Lore (Theology) 5, Art (Rhetoric) 1, Redemption (Volt) 3, Search 3, Focus 4, Read (Urthish) 1, Read (Latin) 1
Powers/Rites: Church (Prophet's Holy Blessing); Eskatonic (Celestial Alignment, Divine Revelation, Rending The Veil Of Unreason, Second Sight); Manja (Birthright, Advisor, Schemes)
Blessings: Pious (2 pts)
Curses: Animal Antipathy (2 pts), Scary (2 pts)
Benefices: Ordained (7 pts), Nobility (3 pts), Riches (3 pts), Vestment (1 pts)
Afflictions: Obligation (4 pts), Infamous Ancestor (4 pts), Secrets (4 pts)
Wyrd: 5
Equipment: Volt Tools, Electric Ring, Wyrd Tabernacle, Stella Apocryphon and assorted other dodgy books, Elderly Decados ID
Weapons: Heavy Revolver (w/silencer), Assault Rifle (w/silencer), Shotgun
Armour: None
Shield: Duelling Energy Shield
Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0
Other Information: Quintus was born into a minor branch of the Li Halan family on the world of Midian. He had a fairly dull but unhappy youth - his father had little time for Quintus, lavishing all his attention on his troublesome older brother instead. He was quite relieve d, at the age of 8, to be sent in the traditional Li Halan manner to live with his uncle Constantine who, unusually for a Li Halan, was a member of the Eskatonic Order. Quintus, always a devout youth, was inspired by his uncle to join the church, though h e favoured the more conservative Urth Orthodox over the Eskatonics. However, at his father's insistence and with some more gentle persuasion from his uncle he joined the Eskatonic after all, where he found that the more open-minded attitude of these rebel lious priests suited his temperament somewhat better than the Orthodox would have done.

Quintus life until a few months ago remained uneventful (apart from one small incident involving a demon he summoned by mistake), though somewhat happier than it had been. He lived on Pentateuch, studying cosmogeny, theology and the occult. Now, though, h e has been ordered to keep an eye on the activities of the Scraver Zarakim - as a result he is following Zarakim and his companions around the Known Worlds, trying very hard to stay alive.

Deacon of the Eskatonic Sect and Knight of House Li Halan. Tall and thin, longish blond hair, blue eyes - kind of emaciated angelic look. Permanent dreamy expression, even when he's completely focused on what's happening. Wears grey robes and has rosary dangling from belt. Concealed within robes is a heavy revolver, so there's probably a mysterious bulge somewhere. Smiles and looks pious a lot.

Father: Palamedes Li Halan -Strict and distant, Quintus saw very little of him even before he left his family at age 8 (like all Li Halan do). While he feels little for his father, he feels bound to obey him nonetheless, having had a sense of respect for his family drilled into him by his uncle. Palamedes rules his estates with an iron fist and is extremely unpopular with the peasants under his control.

Mother: Amaratsu - Much like his father, Amaratsu kept her distance from Quintus. However, she had a little more patience with him, although his piety seemed to irritate her slightly. She is more or less the sole reason Palamedes hasn't had to deal with an uprising, as she does much work to placate the peasantry.

Uncle: Constantine - The relative Quintus was sent to serve when aged 8, Constantine was a devout follower of the Prophet's teachings who encouraged Quintus' own natural religious tendencies. A kindly and gentle man, who Quintus has dedicated himself to emulating. Like Quintus, Constantine is a member of the Eskatonic Order.

Brother: Flavius - Quintus' older brother, Flavius was a rebellious youth who grew into an unpleasant adult, behaving more like the old, corrupt Li Halan than the new version. Only his father's protection has saved Flavius from getting into serious trouble with the family: for some reason, Palamedes seems to like Flavius.

Sister: Lelu - Quintus' younger sister was originally much like him. However, at the age of 16, she abruptly changed, becoming cold and distant and refusing to have anything further to do with Quintus, though she spent increasing amounts of time with Flavius. Lelu is now a low-level commander in the Li Halan army and as such has little contact with her family.