By Pete O'Leary

Fanatical Avestite with a thrist for vengeance.

Race: Human
Quote: "Sin is in all of us, it is up to the faithful to burn it out"
Rank/Class: Deacon of Temple Avesti
Description: Tall (6'7"), short black hair, early 30's. Born in the middle of the Emperor wars on Grail, when the planet was ravaged his family was slaughted by troops of one of the great noble houses, only luck and the will of the Pancreater saved him from the cold, cruel death that surrounded him. A chance patrol of Temple Avesti priests saved his life and brought him along a new road where he can find his vengence. Channeling his hate and vengence was handled by the teachers of the Order of Temple Avesti on Pyre, creating a zealous priest out for the blood of those who have forsaken the wisdom of the Pancreator. One of the orders greatest pilgrims and a powerful member of the inquistion, was renowned for his ability to take down covens of sathratists by himself, until his reputaion wasso unassaliable he didn't even need to bring back proof. His days of glory ended when a suspicous initiate decided to investigate his doings within the temple, and followed him when ever he returned. His perseverance won through when he discovered that the great hunter was infact a sathratist, unfortunaly the heretic excaped. The initiate was rewarded with promotion and the church has kept an eye on him eversince. The initate's name was Lansaris.
Entourage: None
Body: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Endurance 6
Mind: Wits 3, Perception 6, Tech 3
Spirit: Extrovert 3, Introvert 1, Passion 6, Calm 2, Faith 3, Ego 1
Natural Skills: Dodge 5, Fight 4, Observe 5, Shoot 4, Sneak 4, Vigor 8
Learned Skills: Torture 2, Beastcraft 1, Disguise 3, Social (Acting) 2, Empathy 2, Knavery 2, Speak (Latin) 1, Speak (Urthish) 3, Tracking 3, Remedy 2, Redemption (Mech) 1
Occult: Theurgy 5
Stigma: Glowing symbol of Temple Avesti in left eye
Powers/Rites: Laying on of Hands, Know the False Heart, Fault of the Souless, Prophet's Blessing
Blessings: Size (1 pt)
Curses: Righteous (2 pts)
Benefices: Vestment (1 pt), Ordained (7 pts), Protected (3 pts)
Afflictions: Orphan (1 pt)
Wyrd: 7
Equipment: Flame-proof cloak, self-heating brand
Weapons: Flamegun, various small arms, grenades
Martial Arts: Block, Martial Fist
Armour: Leather
Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0/0