By Matt Seaborn

A lean and muscular Ur-Ukar woman of average height.

Verlek Boruk
Art by Luis Royo

Race: Ur-Ukar

Rank/Class: Scraver Chief

Quote: "We were at this site first, and if you wave that gun at me one more time you're gonna have a broken neck!"

Description: Archeologist. A lean and muscular Ur-Ukar woman of average height. Verlek has the tradiational scarring, long white hair and usually wears black leather clothing. She was brought by parents who were part of an Ur-Ukar terrorist movement. Repulsed my the murderous activities of her family she left as soon as she was an adult. She survived working as a bodyguard, using the skills she learnt from he parents. This continued until she was hired by Tuti for a while, she developed an interest in their activities and asked to join. She has been part of the team ever since. The most aggressive of the group, she is often in opposition to Lo Vanan, her lover, about how long to research into sites, being more interested in getting stuck in.

Body: Strength 6, Dexterity 6, Endurance 5

Mind: Wits 5, Perception 6, Tech 4

Spirit: Extrovert 5, Introvert 1, Passion 5, Calm 3, Faith 1, Ego 5

Natural Skills: Charm 3, Dodge 5, Fight 6, Impress 5, Melee 5, Observe 5, Shoot 4, Sneak 6, Vigor 6

Learned Skills: Academia 2, Drive (Landcraft) 4, Drive (Spacecraft) 4, Knavery 6, Lore (Poisons) 2, Read (Urthish) 3, Read (Urthtech) 3, Redemption (High Tech) 4, Redemption (Mech) 3, Ride 4, Science (Archeology) 4, Search 5, Spacesuit 3, Speak (Scraver's Cant) 3, Speak (Urthish) 3, Speak (Ukarish) 3, Survival 5, Think Machine 2, Warfare (Demolitions) 3, Warfare (Gunnery) 3, Warfare (Military Tactics) 2

Blessings: Bold (2 pts), Disciplined (2 pts), Sensitive Touch (1 pt)

Benefices: Bitter (2 pts)

Afflictions: Dark Secret (1 pt)

Occult: Psi 4, Urge 1

Powers: Bedlam (Prana (1), Forced Entry, Confusion, Whirling Dervish)

Wyrd: 5

Weapons: SMG, Medium Semi-Automatic Pistol, Mace

Martial Arts: Iron Heel (Martial Fist, Martial Kick, Martial Hold, Block, Head Butt, Claw Fist, Tornado Kick)

Fencing: Parry, Slash, Counter Parry

Armour: Leather Jerkin

Vitality: -10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0