By Lee Watts

It is believed that some heretical sect has been born within the city, but the inquisition has not been able to discover any evidence.

His Excellency, Ramerias Don Hurbar, former Bishop of Kartia District on Stigmata, was born in poor the agricultural distract of Icon. He felt the calling to the church at the age of eleven as he was tending to the elder priest of the village. His parent, who were sold into slavery after not being able to pay the Reeves Guild, had been saving up money to buy themselves out of bondage when young Ramerias requested that he be allowed to join the church. Dooming themselves to life in slavery, they used their life savings to bribe the local lord and pay for the journey to the Orthodox center on Icon.

Ramerias excelled in his studies and after only six years of study, reached the rank of Priest (?). He was boarding a transport for his first off world assignment when word came that his father was on his death bed. Torn between his love of family and his duty to the church, he was advised my his mentor to go on the trip, for to cancel his journey at this late stage would result in a lack of confidence by his superiors.

Returning six months later, he found not only had his father died calling out his name, but his mother, broken of heart had leap to her death a few days after her husband's funeral. Having taken her own life, she had been buried in unhallowed ground some many miles from his father. Blaming himself for her death, he attempted suicide himself, being found in time to save his life. He later joined a group of Orthodox priests traveling to Stigmata to aid in the fight against the Symbiots.

During his three year tour on Stigmata, he was injured numerous times. Reports of his leading counter-charges into the Symbiot attacks earned him praise and promotion to the rank of Bishop. At the end of his tour, he remained and was assigned the District of Kartia as his holding. He was approached several times by Manifest Light to become a member. He refused each time, stating his duties to the Church and his District. He served as Bishop for 13 years, until the Stigmata Garrison was removed. He left his District and traveled to a Manifest Light conclave which fell under attack. His mere presence bolstered the Sects priests and they led an attack against the Symbiots. Every member of that conclave was killed. Ramerias managed to survive and be rescued by Brother Battle priests shortly after Alexis' arrival.

He as then flown to the flagship of Alexis for treatment. After recovering enough as that he could walk, he sought the Brother Battle Bishop of Stigmata and announced his retirement from the church. He announced that he would be traveling to Pyre, and there live out his remaining days as a monk. His faith had been broken and he could not continue to lead his flock in his current state.

Placing an understanding hand on Ramerias' shoulder, the Bishop accepted the resignation and forwarded it to the Orthodoxy on Holy Terra. Ramerias returned to Byzantuim Secundus with Alexis and from there boarded a cargo transport for Pyre.

For the past four years, Ramerias has been secluded with a group of other monks in city of Paradise, a domed city damaged during the Emperor Wars. With the Protective dome cracked, life there is torture, with the temperature reaching 150 and 160 during the day within the dome. The monks seek the shelter of the undercity during the hottest times.

But strange events have begun to center around Paradise. Travel to the city has increased in the last year. Engineers have reported that most of the major cracks have been sealed. A large amount of technological supplies have been ship to the city, all passing through the space port. A few Inquisitioners have traveled to the city and reported no strange happenings, with the exception that the dome has been partially repaired and that the monks are growing flowers, shrubs and trees. Huge sections of the city have been leveled or converted into flowering towers.

The former lord of the city, Dexter Levan of House Remonn (a minor House) has returned and has closed the city to travelers. Only those with Writs from Baron Levan may enter the city.

The Inquisition inspections of ships leaving the system have found large quantities of legal herbs leaving the planet for Apothecary shops across all of the known worlds. There have also been numerous water shortages across the planet. All of these are linked to the rebirth of the Domed city.

A few loans made by the Baron have been found, but they can in no way cover all of the repairs needed to bring the city back to life. Tithes are flowing into the Inquisition's coffers from the city. Ramerias has become the chief monk, or Abbot of the city.

It is believed that some heretical sect has been born within the city, but the inquisition has not been able to discover any evidence. That is the reason that Count Alfonzo Li Halan and his entourage are being sent to Pyre. They are to find the evidence and bring Ramerias to trial within the Inquisitional court.