By Paul Monteleoni

Devil Eaters, Ghost Catchers, Sorrow Traps

Although the form and exact meaning of these contraptions varies from locale to locale, these apparatus are found all over the Known Worlds. Almost always a net of some sort, weaved in a web shape (usually of animal sinew) around a frame (usually of a certain sacred kind of wood, cut from a live tree- the most common kind of wood is beech), with little trinkets tied in- beads, pebbles, feathers, tufts of hair, teeth, bones. Sometimes it resembles a jumpgate, sometimes not. In the center of the web is set a precious stone of some sort. It should be carved into the shape of an eye (not too difficult to do, and besides, it doesn't have to be anywhere near exact, just recognizable), and then quenched in blood, preferably heart's blood (usually of an animal- it's hard to get heart's blood without killing the thing). The gemstone is usually wiped clean, just leaving the blood in the cracks, and allowed to dry before being tied in. This is a dangerous time, as the trap is not complete, but the bait is, so it helps to pray during this time. After that, the snare is supposed to lure any passing spirits with the promise of a soul to prey on, and trap them within the web.