By Paul Monteleoni

The Rusty One, Gergrynch

A bad man who is whispered of to many kids at night- The Tinker-Thing started out as a wandering tinker- in various stories various things happen, but usually he encounters a priest-person who tells him to love his fellow man and turn his face away from his riches, but he doesn't, and he becomes doomed to love technology rather than life. He builds more and more stuff for himself, including cyberware, and it finally eats him and he becomes a wandering thing, eager to snatch off little kids and fill their insides with metal so that he'll have playmates. He is usually described and depicted as a huge ungainly hunchback, seemingly cobbled together from various bits of rusty metal. One of his eyes glows red, the other is a blank lens affixed to a telescoping device, which he uses to peer at little kids. One of his arms is a magic lantern, which he always watches and sometimes shows to his victims, who it mesmerizes. The other is a cruel tentacle/claw/caliper apparatus on a telescoping arm, which he uses to grab the little children. He has a hoverpack built into his back, so he can travel all around, even through space. He wraps himself in a huge ratty brown cloak, and smells of foul black industrial smoke.