By Kevin Christensen

Changes to the official rules for armour.

Reduce the the level of effectiveness of armor by one (1+1d) for every point of damage that penetrates on a critical success. For instance, Rex the Vorox scores a hit on a chainer mercenary with his trusty glaankesh sword. He needed at least a 10 to succeed, and he rolls his 10- a critical success! He takes his extra effect dice (+3) and doubles them (+6). Rex now takes the damage dice for his weapon 6 and adds his strength bonus of +1. He rolls a total of 13 dice, and gets 7 hits. the unlucky chainer is armored with chainmail which gives him 4+d4 of protection he rolls 4 dice and gets only 1 success, giving him 5 hits worth of protection. Rex's attack gets 2 hits of through. Now the chainer's armor is reduced to 2+2d of protection. And if he survives this encounter he should probably invest in some maintenance!

Supplemental to this include the quality of manufacture bonus to give protection. e.g.: If the chainer's chainmail had a +2 quality modifier, Rex's attack wouldn't have reduced the level of protection of the armor at all. Additionally, allow 1's rolled with blasters and flame guns to have the same effect of my critical success rule.

This seems to also make blasters and flame guns more effective and to make energy sheilds even more precious! my mechanical purpose in this is to shorten combat and increase its lethality. Naturally thisrule would also work for the PC's antagonists!