By Matt Seaborn

How wireblades needs power.

In the rule book it states that a Wireblade can be used without power. However assuming that a forcefield maintains the monomolecular thread's rigidity this would seem to be incorrect. A Wireblade required power to the forcefield otherwise the blade looses it's rigidity.

As a Wireblade has, effectively, only length and no width it is therefore next to useless for slashing, and as such cannot be used with any slashing special maneuvers.

Parrying would also seem very different with a Wireblade. As a Wireblade ignores all armour it cannot be parried by a normal weapon, an energy weapon (such as a Flus Sword) is required. Any successful parry against a strike with a Wireblade is assumed to go through the parrying weapon (assuminghe parrying weapon is normal, not energy). Roll for damage to the weapon, ADDING the Victory Points of the parrying roll to the number of dice rolled, do not add the attackers Victory Points, if it exceeds the weapons damage rating it is cut in two.

Of course normal parrying with a Wireblade is also impossible against normal weapons, and should use the above rules, adding the parrier's Victory Points