By John Verkuilen

The Engineer's Recovery Unit was designed to safely recover complex technological devices safely.

Tech Level: 8

The Engineer's Recovery Unit was designed to fulfill a tricky role: safely recovering complex technological devices safely, minimizing the chance that the device being recovered is damaged or tampered with during recovery. Higher-ups in the Guild of Engineers know that lots of the people doing the recovering of devices are incompetent and/or untrustworthy; the Recovery Unit, issued when a contract is taken on a device, helps ensure successful execution of the contract. It has a number of features that aid this process.

The Recovery Unit has a NanoTech controller that manufactures any tools necessary for the recovery of the device at hand. In addition it is usually equipped with a fusion welder and a wireblade cutter. All Recovery Units are equipped with sealed recording devices that show everything the unit does and all commands it is given. Some recovery units are armed with autoblasters and defended with shields controlled by a combat AI; often this fact is unknown to the wielder.

The basic unit appears to be a large metal suitcase on small casters. When activated, it deploys six metal legs and two tool "heads." One head contains the fusion welder and the wireblade cutter while the other deploys and retrieves any NanoTech tools necessary. Its think machine can be programmed with effective skill levels in Repair (usually giving a goal number of 12 or more depending on how well the programming was done), allowing it quickly to dismantle and stow the device, packed away by the nanites on the back of the deployed device.

Needless to say, a Recovery Unit is both quite rare and quite heretical; if the Avestites were to find out about it they would not be amused.