By Michele Ivo Polacco

As the stories says, it is the city of fools and idiots, where they can congregate and be briefly cured of their madness.

Gotham is a legend fairly known across the known worlds. As the stories says, it is the city of fools and idiots, where they can congregate and be briefly cured of their madness. The stories are always about a friend of a friend of a friend or some such, who unwittingly found the city and, being sane, was reduced to madness by the curse of Gotham's ruler.

The truth is still out there, and it is quite more unpleasant. Gotham is indeed a hidden city, standing under a cave-riddled mountain somewhere in an under-populated area.

Once, it was a second republic military base, for the defence of an once-important strategic area, now mostly underpopulated wasteland. Now, after countless centuries, it still protects its inhabitants. The "leader" of Gotham is its main computer, malfunctioning but still reasonably efficent, who has, for some unknown bug, convinced itself it is Arthur Pendragon, and that the base is Camelot.

The base is defended by a number of plasma turrets, which remain hidden underground and pop up to engage any enemy. It is unknown how many of these remain efficent. There are also two large missile launching bays, which fire medium range cruise missiles against enemy concentrations of forces. The same uncertainity applies to the efficency of the bays.

The third, and most important, defense of the Gotham are the knights of the round table. Nineteen war robots who are called with the names of the original knights. These are the most effective defence of the base, and the only mean for the computer to engage intruders inside the base.

The inhabitants of the base are its most disturbing feature. They are all changed. For some reason, the computer has decided that the changed are "friendly" and must be protected at all costs. So, over the years, Gotham has acquired a medium-sized population of changed, and has become probably the safest place in the KW for them. They are led by a Burgmeister, who keeps the contact with the computer, and feed on underground fungi and animals. They get the water from the still-functioning recyclers and from a small condenser.

"Normals" (to include symbiots and such) passing trough the area would be left alone unless they start searching for the place or casually stumble on one of the doors. If the Computer decides they are a threat, they will be attacked with every disponible means. And, no, the computer does not fights fair.