By Bernard Ogden

It delivers nanobots into the targets body.

Goal -, RNG 40/60, 15 Shot, Rate 1, SIZ S.

Works on a similar principle to grav gun but is much more effective. It delivers nanobots into the targets body, which rapidly go about the task of rendering his skeleton too heavy for his muscles to support. More advanced versions of the gun can send a signal to the nanites to undo their work, but many versions currently in circulation have a permanent effect. In any case, the skeleton is only affected from the neck down, leaving the victim capable of speech. This weapon was developed during the Second Republic as a means of capture for law-enforcement authorities - the idea was to produce a non-lethal weapon just as effective as the lethal ones employed by criminals. However, the nanobots take long enough to do their work that victims were generally abl e to get several shots off before collapsing and so the nanogun never really took off.