By Colin Chapman

This unusual Voroxian hunting weapon is a large bolas, with 3 thongs, each 4' in length.

This unusual Voroxian hunting weapon is a large bolas, with 3 thongs, each 4' in length. Each thong is weighted with a chipped and polished flatstone as large as a human hand. Stiff feathers are knotted at regular intervals along the length of each thong.

Only feral Vorox, or those raised in their culture, can use the bolorang with any effectiveness; even civilised Vorox have proven unable to master this weapon.

Thrown with accuracy, the bolorang is a superb hunting weapon, especially with the brute power of a Vorox propelling it, and skilled users can send the bolorang along a trajectory that will return it to the thrower's hand if it misses the intended target. Even more impressive is the fact that this weapon defies all known laws of aerodynamic physics, as it will entangle small prey and continue along its return path to the thrower. It can also be used to entangle larger targets up to human sized although these are too large to be returned; choke targets when thrown around their necks; or even used as a makeshift flail in close combat.

The feral Vorox are nearly as touchy about their bolorangs as the civilised Vorox are about their glankesh swords, a fact that the Engineers (who regard the bolorang as an enticing puzzle of aerodynamic principles) often seem oblivious to.

The bolorang requires the Throwing skill for effective use.

Roll Dx+Throwing, DMG* 4, STR 4 RNG 15/25, Rate 2**, SIZ M, Cost 0

Tech Level: 1

Firebird Cost: 5 for Vorox, 15 for non-Vorox

* A character may add his Strength damage bonus.

Entangling and Returning Small Prey: If the character elects to make his attack roll with a -2 penalty, he can have the bolorang return to him, even if it hits a target the size of a rabbit or smaller. In such cases the target is entangled in the bolorang and returned to the thrower, unharmed, as the bolorang continues along its trajectory. It arrives, still entangled, and is then easily despatched. Even if the attack misses the target, the bolorang will continue back to the thrower. The thrower can, of course, elect not to have the bolorang return, and make the attack without the -2 penalty, simply entangling the target.

Entangling Larger Targets: If the thrower attempts to entangle a larger target, such as a human being, he simply makes a standard attack roll. If successful, the entangled target is impeded, suffering a -6 penalty on all actions until she spends two actions escaping. No roll is required to escape.

Going for the Neck: If the thrower succeeds in an attempt to entangle the neck of a target (-6 attack penalty) the target suffers 3 DMG per turn until the bolorang is removed. Due to the bolorang's long, tangled, weighted thongs, the victim must make a Strength + Vigor roll with a -4 penalty to rip it off. The bolorang can be cut off using two actions if someone, including the victim, has a suitable tool on hand.